Type of Client: Retail Store Owners
Average Group Size: 50

Example of a Special Event
Planned a specialized behind the scenes tour of a Plush toy factory in Shanghai, including meetings with top executives of the factory as well as factory workers, followed by a lunch in an exclusive men’s club. Extensive eight-day program to China included Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Highlights included visits to children’s schools, artisan compounds, individual rides on hutongs (Pedi cabs) throughout central Beijing neighborhoods as well as a meeting with local families in their homes.

Highlights from Other Programs
  • Norway program including spectacular Fjord cruise followed by train trip through mountain regions
  • Two trips to England
  • Trip to Scotland
  • Spanish city and countryside tour
  • Private luncheon in home of Olympics official in Lillehammer
  • Private factory tours in England
  • Private tour of Edvard Greig home in Bergen
  • Extensive eight-day program to China that included Beijing, Xian and Shanghai
  • Visits to children’s schools and artisan compounds in Beijing
  • Individual rides in hutongs (Pedi-cabs) in central Chinese neighborhood – including meeting with local families in their homes
Type of Client: Big Ten University Men’s Glee Club Concert Tour
Average Group Size: 80

Example of a Special Event
This group wanted to have home stays in several Australian cities in order to experience local culture first hand, in addition to having a stay in a B&B. When the two selected B&BS were not able to provide breakfast for all 80 members, we personally shopped for our three day stay, hired taxis to get the food home and opened up an impromptu restaurant for daily service.

Highlights from Other Programs
  • Extensive 24 day, five country tour of Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea)
  • Extensive 28 day tour of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru including performances for the President of one country as well as two Ambassadors as well as a concert performance from the top of Machu Picchu’s second highest mountaintop
  • 24-day tour of Australia including extensive tours in Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne. Numerous government officials and journalists were included in our performances and at the receptions that followed
Type of Client: Big Ten Football Bowls, Final Four Basketball & Other Athletic Tours
Average Group Size: 4,000

Example of a Special Event
The key difference in these programs is the urgent time pressure under which we plan and execute. In the case of the Final Four, games are on Saturday. Sales begin Sunday. 600-800 individuals commit and ALL final arrangements are made within three days. Trip operates Friday to Tuesday. In the case of Bowl tours, again, the time from announcements to execution is extremely limited – early December announcement to last week of December execution. Of course, significant pre-planning covering all contingent outcomes is conducted to insure seamless execution in this tight time frame.

Highlights from Other Programs
  • Coordination for the 1997/98 Rose Bowl involved the charter of 20 full bodied jets, 175 buses, 7,400 Rose Bowl tickets and a staff of 150+ trip directors
  • Clambake in Seattle
  • Pep rally in the atrium of the Indianapolis Hyatt
  • Police escorts for all Bowl games
  • Tailgate parties with food and entertainment for up to 5,000
  • Parade tickets/seating
  • Guest speakers and dignitaries at scheduled events
  • Extensive local optional sightseeing program