Type of Client: Nationwide Healthcare Company
Average Group Size: 850

Program Highlights
  • Extensive hotel search and contract negotiations
  • Complex and time-sensitive registration process
  • Extensive educational programs involving 50 concurrent break out sessions
  • Complex AV requirements
  • Reception dinner and entertainment planning
  • Annual award ceremony
  • Massage therapists for daily break sessions
Type of Client: Software Company for the Healthcare Industry
Average Group Size: 500

Program Highlights
  • Three domestic meetings a year
  • 500 attendees per meeting
  • Extensive site search and contract negotiations
  • Complex registration process and billing reconciliation
  • Significant customized reports - daily and weekly
  • Extensive educational programs involving 30 concurrent break out sessions daily
  • Considerable AV, banquet and entertainment needs
  • Dinner meeting for staff and board of directors
  • Cocktail receptions and breaks for attendees